Christina Gregor

It’s never been about the editorial style or the perfect composition. That’s not real, and that's not you. When you look at an image I want you to feel it move, feel it breathe, feel your life still living within a frozen moment. It’s always been about making the intangible spirit that grabs hold of you something you can pick up and hold between your fingertips.


“You have this thing - this ticking thing inside of you that makes you push yourself more into life. You see life, and you snatch it out of the air, embrace it and remember it. You make me want to see life like you do.”

This was one of the most inspirational things a dear, dear friend said to me as encouragement. She said this before I had even thought of photography as anything on my radar. So now, this little quote means that much more to me.


It maybe your son’s birth, your getaway adventure, or the day of your wedding - It all matters, and it’s all meant to matter because it’s you and yours. Let’s create the day you want to remember for the rest of your life.